2018 is Almost Here

2018 travelers notebook setupGosh how in the world did this happen so quickly. 2017 seemed to just fly by and now 2018 is right around the corner. So many changes have happened for my family and I this year. We moved twice, dealt with Hurricane Irma and damage to the house, to me starting a business. I am now home full time running my business and dealing with all the new stress that comes along with being a business owner.

Sometimes it is so surreal to me that I am really doing this and I have to just say thank you to all of you my wonderful customers that have supported me during this journey. I have gone from teaching full time to not being able to complete my teaching certification and wondering what in the world am I going to do, to now owning a business!

The business aspect is exciting, scary and stressful at times but the stress is different from the stress that comes from a job. Knowing that the business is mine makes the stress a bit more manageable and I have to be honest I have never been one of those people that deal well with being told to do things that I think are stupid. I do miss teaching with all my heart and I miss being around the kids but I don’t think I would trade my business for anything else in the world right now.

In the coming days I will share more about the business and some of my hopes and plans for the future but right now I want to share with you my 2018 quarterly month on two pages, followed by a week on two page spread! This will be the main format for the rest of the year along with a few other options like a weekly option! Which is also already in the shop and can be found here!

You can see my setup in my Websters Pages travelers notebook and how to create a jump band when you don’t have one!

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  1. Amy

    Hi Beth,

    I received your beautiful TN inserts yesterday. Thank you for your note and the unexpected surprise due to the delayed mailing. Your handmade inserts are exquisite and your videos are inspirational… I am eager to order again!


    1. Beth

      Awwww thank you so much for your order! I am so glad that you are happy with them!

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