30 Days of Thankful Week 2

30 days of thankful week 2I’m back with another week of my 30 days of thankful and some tips for you all. 30 days of thankful is an album where document something that you are thankful for every day for the month of November and was started by Cathy Zielske, who I just think is awesome. You can find Cathy here.

This week I ran into a little problem where I ran out of my ink and printer paper for my Selphy and couldn’t get to the store until Friday.

What I did, to solve this problem was create a folder on my phone for the photos that I wanted to use for the week. I would do my journaling in my album on the same day so that way I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to be thankful for, then on Friday I printed my photos and just slip them into the album. I have found with this mini album that I do prefer my photo in the full 4×4 size over the 2×2 sizes but there are some days where the collages come in handy.

Just a little tip for you, Best Buy price matches Amazon and the ink and paper was $29.73 at Amazon so Best Buy price matched it for me and I didn’t have to pay the $36.99 that they charge for it.

I have a stamping tip in the video so be sure to check out the video and if you haven’t seen week one video you can watch it here.

Next week I will be using Lagoon and Thistle Ink. I really like separating the weeks by using different inks for each week. It makes it a lot easier to differentiate which week is which. I might even add cover pages to each week but I haven’t decided on that yet.

Are you documenting 30 days of thankful?

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