3×3 Envelope Tutorial

Day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!!! So far so good but it’s only day 3. I feel the mantra of the little engine that could in my head for the rest of the month!

Back to the tutorial. Yesterday I was all about these cute little 3×3 cards that I found on another blog and I made these wonderful 3×3 cards and the box that goes along with them. I forgot all about the envelopes that are needed though and I for the life of me I wasn’t sure what size paper I needed to start with to make these envelopes. So Google to the rescue. I will be working on my envelopes later this evening.

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    1. Beth

      I know all kinds of paper sizes for cards but not these mini ones. Gotta love Google!

  1. Brittany

    This is really cool. Now I can make small, square envelopes for some of invitations, or postcards, or anything!

    1. Beth

      Glad it helped you! I needed to know because I don’t have the cricut cartridge that makes envelopes.

  2. Marcia Brown

    You make it look very easy! This would be great to add to a gift bag!

    1. Beth

      Lol it is easy to do!!! And your right it would be great for a gift bag

  3. Creative Vi

    Very cute. Destiny would just love a card this size, with hearts and glitter… oh my. Your video is very good too by the way. I love that we can always come back a watch again when we are ready to make and have some fun. I didn’t know I could take that guard off my punch either… you smart girl you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Beth

      Awww thanks Vi you should make a card like that for Destiny!

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