About me

I started Rock Your Notebook when I saw that there was a need for a plain white quality notebook. A notebook that scrapbookers could get as creative as they wanted to without worrying about the notebook coming apart. 

When I first started the business that is all I offered, plain white notebooks made from mixed media, watercolor or tomoe river paper. 

Rock Your Notebook has evolved over the years into something so much more. I learned that my art makes beautiful covers for the notebooks, I learned that I could create something and put it all together into one beautiful subscription box and I learned that I love creating relationships with my customers. 

I have learned so much about myself and creating a business in these years and I have also learned that I want to create these notebooks for as long as my hands will allow me to. 

My notebooks bring joy and help others as well as me get through tough times. My notebooks help you plan a life that works for you as well as give you space to get all the thoughts out of your head. My notebooks can help you heal or help you learn how to be creative and because of this I am thankful to all of you that have purchased or will purchase one of my notebooks!



Mixed Art, Scrapbooking and Notebooks!