Addicted to 3×3 Anything

Alright I have to admit that I am obsessed with 3×3 cards, envelopes and boxes. I have no idea why but I just find them easy to make and mini cards make people happy. I tend to give mini cards out to family or my kids when they least expect. Throw a little note in their lunch box or backpack.

I am working very hard on getting videos completed and posted for you. I am still learning the best way to create videos and it’s a learning process. I created a video tutorial on how to make a cute little 3×3 box for Valentines Day which believe it or not is right around the corner.

Are you working on any Valentines Day presents?

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  1. Heather D

    Very cute! Love the “paper didn’t want to cooperate” moment. Happens so often!

    1. Beth

      Heather, I have no idea what I did wrong. I think I cut the paper to big the first time around. I was surprised when it wouldn’t fit 🙂 I figured I would just roll with it.

    1. Beth

      Thank you Cheryl. The box is so pretty I am actually hoping it doesn’t sell.

  2. Liz

    So cute! You make it look so easy, Elizabeth, even with the little mistake. I would have had glue all over the place. You’ve inspired me to try this.

    1. Beth

      Thank you Liz, I am so glad that I have inspired you to try. It really is super easy to do. If you try it please let me know I would love to see what you make!

  3. katie

    love it! love it! thanks for explaining clearly too. want to try this.

    1. Beth

      I am so glad you enjoyed it Katie!

  4. geezee

    Girl, I am so excited to make some of these when I get home. You have inspired me. I have not pulled out my scor board in a long time. Now, I have the perfect tutorial for it. Love the video, you are coming along fabulously.

    1. Beth

      Thank you geezee I hope you do make some and let me know if you do so that I can see them. I love my scor board and I am always looking for new projects to do with it.

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