Advent Calendar

I know I’m late in sharing my advent calendar procedure that I made with love for my two monster children! I had many complications this year with my advent calendar. I bought a calendar from Michaels that was shaped in a Christmas tree with little wooden boxes. It was adorable, until I decorated it!

I painted all the boxes had a great color scheme going and then the boxes would not go back in!!! I was so mad and frustrated with the whole thing.

So then I saw Monica Bradfor’s advent calendar and I thought it was a wonderful idea so I became inspired again!

I made little 2×2 pockets by trimming my cardstock to 3×4. I then scored at the ½ inch mark on either side and then at the 2 inch mark right down the middle. Next I embossed the cardstock with my wonderful little texture boutique and cut down the middle where the score lines meet. I then folded them and had little pockets.

I have these ancient stickers from creative memories that I used to number my little pockets. I purchased two 16×20 canvas’ and wrapped them in wrapping paper (the pretty foil wrapping paper). I glued the wrapping paper to back of the canvas so after this year if I decide that I don’t like these calendars I just have to remove the wrapping paper and I have two great canvas’ to play with.

My next step was to glue the pockets onto my wrapped canvas and create the titles for them. I used my cricut to cut the titles out in red vinyl! I didn’t have any transfer tape so I was stuck putting the titles on by hand but that was ok. It’s not meant to be absolutely perfect as I made them with love!

So there you have it my advent calendar catastrophe that I managed to somehow make right by December 1st. I threw a piece of candy in each pocket for now and I am sure I will come up with something else to put in them before the end of the month but for now the kids are very happy with their candy countdown   I mean their advent calendars! Please forgive me the pictures were taken late at night last night and I hung them up forgetting that my hallway does not have any natural lighting what so ever.

P.S. Here is the blog post that inspired me to make little pockets for my advent calendar. I wanted to share this with you because it gives you a step by step on how to make the pockets.


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