All About my iPhone!

Protect your iPhone!As much as I talk about my iPhone and all the apps that I use to create wonderful photos on my iPhone I have come to realize that I have never shared with you what I use to protect my favorite device!

I get so many compliments on the case that I have chosen for my iPhone and she is a pretty rocking case. I’m always on the go so for me having the ability to store my license and a credit card or money with my iPhone works really well for me! Here she is the Incipio stowaway! I have the iPhone 5 so she keeps my iPhone protected and I get to cart around my license and not always have to drag my purse with me. This is great for those days that I am out and about with the kids!

Amazon is definitely the best place to buy this case because it has the cheapest price!

I love this case so much that I plan on buying another one! I think that it is going to be this one just because it has the name cherry blossom pink in it and I love cherry blossoms!

The other thing that I wanted to touch on about iPhone care is your memory. If you are anything like me you take tons of photos with your iPhone. If you do this is wonderful but the way to keep your phone working properly is to ensure that you have a decent amount of memory available on your phone so that it can work properly. If the memory on your phone is all used up your iPhone will run slow and you will have issues updating apps and the software on your iPhone when updates are available.

Remove the photos from your iPhone on a monthly basis or weekly basis whatever works for you and back the photos up on your computer or on an external hard drive. This way you are able to free space up on your phone and lessen the risk of losing the photos on your phone. You don’t want to take the chance of losing your iPhone or breaking your iPhone and losing all your photos.

Even if you backup your phone to the cloud, the cloud only keeps the most recent 1000 photos. Keep your photos backed up to lessen the risk of losing all those important photos on your phone. I currently place my photos into the Creative Memories Memory Manager because this is the program that I have been using for years.

Just to recap this post is all about protecting the Camera that you Always have with You! Meaning your iPhone.

Get a case and a case that will protect your iPhone if you were to drop it.
Backup your photos and take them off of your iPhone either once a month or once a week.

*Credit to information on the infographic,news-14547.html

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  1. geezee

    Now that you have taken me to the dark side and I own an iPhone, I suppose I need to pay more attention to what you say here. I have a LifeProof case and I will practice taking my pics off my phone regularly.

    1. Beth

      LOL GeeZee now my app reviews will assist you with finding the best apps for your phone. I can’t wait to see the awesome pictures you take with your new iPhone!

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