An Amazing Time!

scrapgalsLast week was a very rough week, with it being Spring Break and the entire family being sick with a stomach virus. It was so rough that I didn’t even manage to get a blog post up. It was so bad that I didn’t even get to share with you all the amazing thing that happened to me! I was on the Scrap Gals Podcast!

Now if you all have not listened to this Podcast then all I can say is that you should run search it up and start listening. These ladies are amazing, Tracie Claiborne and Tiffany Lowder are just the sweetest, most amazing (I know I said that already) ladies I have ever listened to/talked to. These ladies were just so nice to me and I was so stinking nervous because they are scrappy celebrities to me, truly they are, and they just made me feel so comfortable. Plus it was really cool to finally be able to tell my little girl that I was on the Podcast!

Let me give you a little back story on that last statement. I listen to the podcast all the time and every morning on the way to school my little girl would say “mommy when are you going to be on that show? Your an awesome scrapbooker” and every morning I would tell her I don’t know honey. Well that time came and it was so surreal and so amazing for me to be on their show.

Being on their show was also an eye opener for me. You see I started this website with the hopes of teaching you all how to get the photos off of your phones and into your albums and I have done that. I have shared many posts about how to do just that but after that you realize there is only so much you can share about that. Which is why I have been sharing so many of the other things that I do. I do have a brand new class in the works about scrapbooking with your phone but I am so much more then that and I realized that after the podcast.

I am a scrapbooker, planner girl, project lifer, art journaler, mixed media kind of girl and I love doing all the crafts that I do along with crocheting and a little dabbling in sewing. It appears to me that the name of my site, Scrapping Wonders is perfect for me as I wonder at all the amazing things that I create with my own hands.

Now back to the podcast, you can hear it by clicking HERE and I highly suggest you subscribe to their podcast and listen to all of their amazing episodes. You can find Tracie Claiborne and all her amazinginess by clicking HERE and you can find Tiffany Lowder by clicking HERE.


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