Anniversary Doodle with Ali

Hello fellow notebook lovers! I have fallen behind on my doodles, for those of you who don’t follow me, I am doodling a weekly spread and journaling about that week! Falling behind doesn’t stress me out (lots of things do, but I try not to feel stress about my hobby!). That being said, I still want to catch up and get back into doodling on a regular basis…so here we are with the week of March 5-11, my anniversary week. This year marks seven years that my husband and I have been married (11 together, total) and I am still so in love with him. So I wanted to create a super mushy I love you spread! Ha! So here it is! 

This is my very first spread in my brand new notebook! Beth sent me a new paper I have never tried before, which is also super exciting, the 32 lb premium paper. It was so perfect for doodling, my pen lines don’t show through the other side and my colored pencils slide easily onto the surface. Who knew paper makes such a huge difference? Well, now I know, and so do you! Check out all of the different paper choices in the Rock Your Notebook shop (and if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask, Beth is a paper genius!).

I love this doodling project, and keeping track of our lives, week by week, its a very relaxing way to document our stories, I only wish I had started this project years ago!

What are you rockin’ your notebook with? Art journaling? Scrapbooking? Do you doodle?! We would love to see in the Facebook group, see y’all there!

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