App Thursday-Photo Forge 2

I am a little behind this week with the app review for the week. Running like a chicken with its head cut off is more like it. May has proven to be a very busy month for me. Especially with Mother’s Day right around the corner. I have been busy preparing for Mother’s Day and making gifts for the mothers in my life. Are you making any gifts for Mother’s Day?

I wanted to share with you this week the app Photo Forge 2 which is a great photo editing app and is considered to be one of the top apps in the iTunes store right now. I really enjoy this app and the only problem is that there are tons of things that you can do with this app!

Here are a few photos that I have edited with the app! The video is what will really give you the low down on this awesome app.

I also made a layout with one of the photos that I edited with the photo forge 2 app! How cool does the photo of the nook look on the bottom. I did this layout for one of the layout a day prompts and the photos were taken at night. I had to add some coolness to the nook photo so that it would not look awful!

photo forge app

You can download the app by clicking on the link below:

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  1. Nat

    I’ve been meaning to ask you! What is your favorite app for photo management? Or do you manage them using Apple software?

    1. Beth

      Hey Nat it really all depends when I am organizing stuff on my phone I do so by just creating folders this makes it super easy for me to find photos on my iPhone but I als use iPhoto. iPhoto seems to be the best app for getting some really good organization on the phone and is my go to app for organizing photos for different events. I don’t like to many folders on my iPhone photo area. I hope this answers your question.

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