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This week is a little different as I am going to review the Camera+ app for you but I am also going to give you a tutorial! As you know I have been reviewing apps together with GeeZee over at the Messtaken Identity but this week she reviewed something completely different then me for you android users. You should definitely check out her app review though because us lovely iPhone users can use the app that she reviewed as well, which I just downloaded!

This app is one of my favorite photo editing apps and through all my research this app consistently shows up on other iPhone gurus blog posts! There are just so many options that you can chose from with this app so that you can create a spectacular photo. I use this app on a consistent basis and I find that I am using it even more because I am currently taking an amazing scrapbooking class that is making me scrap things that I don’t have photos of! I then have to go take a photo for my layout and of course edit it and then print it.

When you first open the app you have the option to either take a photo with the app or import a photo from your camera or photo stream into the app. Once you do that, all you have to do is click on the edit button and start editing your photo. There are so many options to chose from you can change the way the photo itself looks like with different choices such as clarity, flash, backlit, darken, and cloudy just to name a few. You can also rotate your photo, crop your photo, apply special effects and borders to your photo. You can see all these options in the video!

Once you are done editing your photo you save it to your camera roll and you can share it to a social media site. The social media sites that are available for you to share your photo to are Facebook, Twitter and Flickr all you have to do is allow the app to access your accounts. You can copy, your photo from the app and paste it into an email or a text message as well and share it that way.

Under the Hood:

Under the hood is what I call for your menu settings and there are a ton of settings to choose from which the video shows you as well.

  • Volume Snap (enables a sound when you take a photo)
  • Zoom (I try not to use zoom that often but I do like the option there if I need it)
  • Grid (the grid is about giving you the ability to apply the rule of thirds to your photo)
  • Horizon Level (this applies a little bar in your grid that shows you if you are level or not)
  • Geotagging (this allows you to add your date or location to your photo if you want)
  • Live Exposure (this places an iso feature into the app)
  • Sound (this enables a sound to be made after you have either shared or saved your photo)

All these options I have turned on because they are options that are there to make using the app easier.

  • Worklflow setting (I have set to shoot and share)
  • Autosave setting (I have set to Lightbox and Camera Rol)l
  • iCloud Lightbox Sync (I have set to on)
  • Quality (I have set to normal)

When you watch the video you will see descriptions of all these settings. These are my prefences and I have set them to go with my lifestyle which is someone that is always on the go taking care of kids and trying to fit some scrapbooking in there. The easier the app can make my life the better I am!

Camera+ app tutorial from Scrapping Wonders on Vimeo.

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  1. Creative Vi

    my favorite camera app too! You are getting really good with your videos.

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much Vi I am so glad that you liked the video!

  2. geezee

    That video Rocks! Low battery cracked me up. I wish Android version was worth downloading. My device does not work with it. 🙁

  3. geezee

    Thank you for visiting. I tagged you for an app review. Now you need to see if iPhone can give you what Android has to offer.

  4. stephanie graham

    Thanks for sharing! I had camera + on my phone at one point but it seemed so hard to figure out, i clearly will revist it now!

    1. Beth

      I’m so glad that you found the tutorial useful it’s a great app to have!!

    1. Beth

      It’s a great app to have Janice!

  5. Vanessa Terrell

    Great app, another one that you’ve shared that I must look into! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Beth

      Glad you liked the app review Vanessa!

    1. Beth

      There will be many more tutorials to come so sign up and learn some more 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Beth

      Hi Jean your comment is approved. I am so glad that you enjoyed the tutorial if you sign up you will also get the PDF portion of the tutorial that goes with it.

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