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Printing your photos when you are a traditional scrapbooker/paper scrapbooker is very important so the question is how do I get those photos printed from my phone or iPad on a regular basis. The longer the photos sit on your phone the less chance you have of getting them printed.

The whole point of taking all these photos on our phones is so that we have them and we can share them in our scrapbooks.

I recently purchased this magnificent little machine called the Cannon Selphy 900, oh how I love this little machine that lets me print directly from my iPhone or iPad!!

Life has become so much easier by having this little machine and of course the app is easy to use as well.

When you first open the app you have the option to take a picture and then print it or access the albums on your phone. cannon app review

This is what you will first see when you open the app. As you can see I can pick from any of my albums on my iPad or iPhone.

Once you pick a folder all you have to do is pick the photos that you want to print and then tap on the print button. All the photos that you chose will print one right after the other. I do have to say that I always print the photos with the border on. I do this to ensure that the entire photo is printed, otherwise the photos have a chance of not printing completely. Other than that the app and this little printer make it really easy to print photos at home.

Cannon app review

You can get 108 photos printed from one package of ink and paper that costs you about $30 dollars.

Do you print your photos at home?

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  1. AMummysLife

    We’ve just purchased a new HP printer that allows us to do the same thing from our androids. Hubby and I are just loving being able to print directly from our phone or laptop wirelessly!

    1. Beth

      That’s wonderful about your HP printer we have a big printer too but everyone uses that one. I like that the Selphy is all mine!

  2. Kristie

    Thanks for this info about the app! I recently bought the Selphy and really haven’t quite mastered using it in all the ways possible!

    1. Beth

      If you have any questions about the Selphy please let me know so I can help you with it, Kristie.

  3. Debbie O

    Well dang Beth…wish I had seen this sooner. I just bought an Epson Picturemate…love the quality of the photos but it doesn’t have the super cool feature of sending your photos from your iphone 🙁 Hmmm, would it be wrong to have TWO picture printers ? LOL

    1. Beth

      You can never have enough picture printers :). How is the Epson Picturemate working out for you?

  4. geezee

    I have a Canon Selphy and print from my phone all the time. It is great.

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