App Tuesday- Disney Story

Disney Story App IconThe app of the week is the Disney Story app I found out about this app because I watch the Disney channel at least once a day. The current favorite show in our house right now is Henry Huggelmonster which is just absolutely adorable!

Enough about TV shows and more about the Disney Story App. When you open the app your photos are automatically grouped into the day that they were taken! All you have to do is tap on a Moment and turn it into a story. You do this by adding text and captions to your Moment!

What the app looks like when you open it
What the app looks like when you open it

After you have added your text, you can share your story via email or Facebook. I emailed these stories that you see below and then I was able to embed them so that I can share them with you.

You can add photos, text, video and change the theme of your Story. There are only 5 different themes at the moment that you can choose from but I am sure at some point Disney will add more themes!

The app is simple to use and just a lot of fun to play around with! Will you give the app a try?

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  1. Heather D

    Love the look of those stories! What a great way to compile your memories!

    1. Beth

      Thanks Heather the app is a ton of fun but I have a feeling the new iOS7 update is going to be even more fun I can’t wait to test it out!

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