App Tuesday-Fuzel

Fuzel App The Fuzel app has got to be my absolute favorite collage app. For the longest time I was a Diptic app fan but now that I have played with Fuzel I don’t think I will ever go back to Diptic!

Check out this brief little video on what the Fuzel app can do that I got from The video just shows how cool and easy it is to make a photo collage with the app.

After watching the video you can see how easy the app is to use. I will definitely be upgrading the app to the pro version. I don’t always do this with my apps but this is one app that I know that I want to use all the options that are available to me. I love all the border patterns and colors that can be used.

One of my favorite things about the app is that you can add an effect to your photos within the app while you are creating your collage as well as you can flip the photos orientation. If you have the full version of the app you can edit the photo even more!

There are just so many different options that are available through the app that give you the ability to create awesome collages and share them with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and Flickr directly from the app and you can even send an actual postcard to someone directly from the app as well.

fuzel app reviewfuzel app review


Will you give the Fuzel App a Try?


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  1. Erin Hatton

    Great review – thanks for sharing! It’s so hard to wade through all those apps and figure out which one will work the best. It’s great when someone can share what they’ve learned. 🙂

    1. Beth

      There are definitely tons of apps to go through which is why I started the app review. I am hoping that it helps some people out.

  2. Vanessa Terrell

    Looks like a great app! I’ll have to see if it’s available for my iPad. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Beth

      Hey Vanessa all apps are available on the iPad if it doesn’t show up in the iPad area just tap on the iPhone area the app will download and work just fine!

  3. Michelle Liew

    Love this and will try it….a fantastic idea for blogging too…to combine all photos at once! Will check this out!!

    1. Beth

      Glad you like it Michelle it truly is one of my favorite apps right now!

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