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 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am so excited to bring in a New Year and 2013  is going to be a great one I can just feel it!! What better way then to bring in the New Year then with one of my favorite apps? Today is not only the New Year but it’s app Tuesday as well and I wanted to share with you iPhoto.

I don’t usually spend money on apps but this one I just had to have! The app is absolutley amazing and it can do so many different things.

You can organize your photos, create albums, create journals and edit your photos in so many different ways. I am not even sure where to start with the many things that this app can do. I would say my favorite part of the app is the journal aspect. You can add photos together and put them in any order that you would like and then you can add notes, dates, memories and tons of other aspects to the journal. It is almost like a virtual scrapbook that you can then share with all your friends.

This app is great for us scrapbookers because it helps you journal about those wonderful photos that you have taken on your iPhones. You can either create a digital scrapbook with this app or use the journals to keep track of your memories. I used the app for my December Daily. At the end of the day I would group the photos that I had taken and journal about what happened during the day. This way when it came time for me to sit down and actually put the photos in the album all my journaling was already done! All I had to do was look at my phone and each day was ready for me to review!

Check out the video and see for yourself how wonderful this app really is!

If you click on the app of the week on the left side of your screen it will take you directly to the apple store so that you can purchase this amazing app!!

I also wanted to share with you an amazing class that is coming up next month called Load213 I am definitely planning on joining this class this year and it is a great way to get your scrapbook on. I would love it if you joined with me. If you use the code FUN at checkout you can get $10 dollars off of the purchase just because Laine Ehman is that awesome but that code is only code until 1/7/13. (Oh that feels weird typing in that 13 at the end of the date!)

Load213 has so much to offer you should click on the link and check it out. It is sure to be a fun month and a great start to the New Year for us scrapbookers. Sometimes you just need a kickstart to get your creative juices going Load213 will do this for you and more!! So come on and join me.

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