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momento app review

If you like to keep track of your daily life happenings and funny things that your kids say then Momento is the app for you. I have to admit I used to use Evernote or the simple Notes on my iPhone but then I found Momento!

momento app screenshotWhat I really like about this app is that it will add information from your social sharing networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This means that it pulls any pictures I post to those social media outlets as well as status updates.

You can view your daily happenings in two different views the feed view that you see here on the left or in a calendar view. The calendar view just gives you little dots on the days that you have status updates. calendar view of momento app

In the settings area of the app is where you can choose which social networks you want the app to pull information from. The app has tons of options of where you can pull status updates from and there is no limit on how many social networks you add.

My personal preference is that the app pulls status updates from Facebook and Instagram. You can set the app to auto update which means the app will update your feeds every time you open it when the app has been closed for more than 3 hours.

There is a backup and restore feature. Once you tap on the create a backup the app will create a backup of your feeds which you then have to move over to your computer. This comes in handy so that if you lose or break your phone you will have a backup. I do wish that this feature was automatic and that it would backup to the cloud automatically but maybe in its next update this will be possible. Momento does say that they are working on this!

All in all the app is a great app I really enjoy using it and it makes it really easy for me to keep track of the funny things that my little one says like a few days ago when my daughter wanted to watch a movie with me and she stated “I am all showed out and movied in mommy”

The app makes it easier for me to keep track of everything in one place instead of having tidbits of my life in different places and when I forget to write about my day on my monthly art journal all I have to do is open my Momento app!

Will you give the app a try?

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  1. Oh I love this app! I’m going to try it out. You may like to know that we offer a free iPhone, iPod, iPad app with daily healthy marriage tips, good questions to ask if you want to have meaningful conversation, and a link to our blog. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to enjoy looking around at all your advice and recommendations!
    Blessings to you,

    1. Beth

      Now that is interesting information Debi, I am going to go check that app out! I’m always looking for a good app. I am glad that you liked the app review 🙂

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