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It’s that time again, Tuesday is here and a new app will be reviewed for you. I teamed up again this week with that great site that I told you about last week Messtaken Identity. If you have an android phone I suggest you hop on over to Messtaken Identity so that you can get her awesome app review that is based on Android. Otherwise you can stay right here and check out my review for the iPhone!

So I know that us scrapbookers like to post our favorite scrapbook layouts or even cards to sites like Flickr and Instagram (yes I use both of these sites and you can follow me at them just by clicking on their names). Well today I am going to review an app today that allows you to watermark your photo right from your phone!!

PhotoMarkr app reviewThis is exciting for me because when I post my layouts or cards or something that I have made I would like people to know that Beth over at Scrapping Wonders made that amazing layout! I am sure when you post your layout somewhere you would like people to know where that layout came from as well whether you have your own scrapbooking site or you don’t that photo is still yours, so let people know that it’s yours!

PhotoMarkr is made by Imanji Studios (the same people who have made temple run, you know that cool game that you play) Anyways let me get back to the app review. PhotoMarkr lets you watermark your photos that are on your phone. You can pick the text that you want to be placed on your photos, the color, the font and the opacity of the font.

Screen Shot of PhotoMarkr
Screen Shot of PhotoMarkr settings

Once you have picked your photo and the settings for your watermark your are brought to another screen where you get to adjust how you want your watermark to look on your photo.

screen shot of photo markr2

Next thing for you to do is hit save and the photo is saved directly to your camera roll. Then you are done and you can go ahead and post your photo to the social media outlets that you prefer.

Here are some photos that I tested out with the PhotoMarkr app these photos are also a sneak  peak of my February Art Journal. I can’t wait to share with you as it looks gorgeous!!!

February Art Journal

February Art Journal


I used a different opacity on the second photo just to check it out and see how it looked and I really like the option of being able to lighten or darken my watermark. All in all the app is user-friendly, it is made by a trusted company, which is always very important when you are downloading an app, it’s FREE  and I like it! What more do you need? Go ahead and download this app and let people know that you created that awesome masterpiece!

Are you watermarking your photos when you post them to your social media outlets? I would love to know what you are doing in the comments below.


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    1. Beth

      Thanks for the compliment Retha!

  1. Vanessa Terrell

    Thanks for sharing this, I will go and check out the app for Andriod, this app sound cool too!

    1. Beth

      I am glad you found the review helpful Vanessa 🙂

  2. Creative Vi

    Thanks Beth, downloaded the app and can’t wait to give it a try. Love your reviews.

    1. Creative Vi

      I forgot to ask… do you recommend water marking it with your name or your business name? I see you did your business name, but need your thoughts.

    2. Beth

      Hey Vi,
      Glad you liked my review and I will probably do a mix up of things but my business name will always be in there somewhere 🙂

  3. Debbie O'Neal

    Wow so many of us could really use this kind of app Beth…you must have been reading our minds to do this review today ! 🙂 Hey one question, can you down load your own watermark to use with the app for my iphone photos?

    1. Beth

      Hey Debbie, glad you liked the app review and yes you can down load your own watermark to use with the app for your iphone photos for a free app it works really well 🙂

  4. Leslie

    Love the iphone page! Clever and cute!

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