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printicular app reviewPreviously we have discussed ways to print your photos at home and through Shutterfly. You can also print your photos directly from your iPhone or Android device through an app called Printicular. This little app is a great app if you don’t have an at home printer and if you would like to pick up your photos in an hour.

Printicular sends your photos to any local Walgreens that is in your area. All you have to do is pick a Walgreens, enter your information and go pick up your photos when they are ready.

It doesn’t get any easier than that! Printicular can access all the folders that you have set up on your phone as well as your social media networks. The social networks that Printicular can access are Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox (which is not a social network but it is pretty cool that Printicular can access it).

printicular pricing

The pricing is reasonable for the prints and you really can’t beat the fact that your prints are ready in an hour. As soon as you submit your order you receive a confirmation email from Walgreens and about an hour later you receive another email that you can pick up your prints!

4×6 -$0.29
4×4 – $0.39
5×7 – $1.99
8×10 – $3.99

With the Printicular app and the other ways that we have discussed printing your photos at home (which you can find here) there truly is no reason not to print and scrap your photos!

A little side note here the Printicular app comes in real handy when your child tells you late at night that they have project that is due in a few days and they need a ton of photos printed!

The Printicular app is a wonderful app and really does make printing your photos a breeze all you need is a local Walgreens!

Have you tried the Printicular app out?

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  1. Great info! I had no idea. I will definitely share the info. Thanks for blogging.

    1. Beth Soler

      Glad that you found the info helpful Dr. Samantha

  2. Carolan Ross

    Printicular – I didn’t know about this… what a great tip! I usually have photos printed at Walgreens anyway, but now I know I can just hit a button on my phone, very cool!

    1. Beth Soler

      It is a great app Carolan glad you will find it helpful 🙂

  3. Printicular

    Great post! Thanks for the great review. Here’s a coupon code for you and your readers- type PARTNER25 in the app when ordering and get 25% off your prints (limited time, terms apply)!

    1. Beth

      Thanks for the compliment and the coupon code Printicular!

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