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Happy Tuesday
Created with the Rhonna Designs app by using one of the Rhonna Backgrounds

I know that I am late to the party and that the Rhonna Designs app has been around for a while. If you are scrapper and have an iPhone I am sure that you already have this app. If you don’t have the app yet then this review is for you!

I recently purchased the app for FREE, yes you heard me right! The app was the featured app of the week last week and I love getting my apps for FREE. I know a $1.99 is not a big deal but when you have tons of apps those apps that cost you money can add up. Plus I was down for the count and just never jumped on the bandwagon earlier because I was dealing with my OH SO TIRED issue that I mentioned in my previous post.

Back to the app when you first open the app you have this pretty screen that gives you the option to choose from your camera roll or to take a picture. I am generally one of those people that always chooses from my camera roll, I hardly ever take a picture with an app because I feel that I have more control over the picture that I want by using my camera.

Once you choose the camera roll option you can choose from the Rhonna Backgrounds, your camera roll, your photo stream or from one of your other albums that you have on your phone!

There are so many options with the Rhonna Designs app that it is impossible for me to write about all of them. You can add text to any photo, you can add a frame to any photo, you can add quotes and borders to any of your photos as well. The app gives you so many different choices to add graphics to your photo that it is simply amazing! You can change the color of your font and graphics that you add to your photos as well as the size.

The app gives you free range so that you can create a masterpiece!

Rhonna Designs

This app is also a great app for all you project lifers out there because it really gives you the ability to add amazing elements to your photos before you print them out and assist with the journaling part by having the journaling printed on the photo!

All in all this is a great app to have and one that I recommend as being well worth the money!


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  1. mollie bryan

    Interesting! You think you’re late to the party? I have a question that I’m sure will show you what a newbie I am. What do you do with all this fab stuff you scrap on your phone? Is there a way to print it out if you want or does it just stay digital?

    1. Beth

      Hi Mollie,
      There are several ways to get the photos off your phone. You can send them to your local walgreens, Costco, or shutterfly and a few other printing services. I have written app reviews about many of the apps that you can use to get your photos printed. For photos that I want to scrap right away I use my Canon Selphy printer at home. If you need any more help please feel free to email me at Beth at scrappingwonders dot com and I can give you more detailed explanations.

      1. Mollie Bryan

        Thanks, Beth! I will email you. I’ve gotten the app and it’s so much fun. Thanks!

        1. Beth

          That’s wonderful Mollie I will look out for your email 🙂

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