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snapseed logo app reviewHere we are the last Tuesday of the month. I can’t believe that February is almost over. Today’s app review is on Snapseed. This app is very cool and there are so many different options to choose from when editing photos in this app. I am going to get started because there is so much to cover with this app.

Snapseed is a free app and one of the few apps that I have found that can also run a desktop version of this app. Setting wise, there are no settings that need to be set up to use the snapseed app. There are a ton of options to share from the app. You can share your photo to Google+, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Copy Image, Print it or Open the photo that you just editied in snapseed in another app such as Instagram, Phonto, Photo Forge 2, Skitch, Vintique, iPhoto, Evernote, Shutterfly, or Dropbox. These are the apps that I have available on my iPad and iPhone.

Just a quick side note here:

The one thing that you want to remember with all the photo editing apps that I have shared with you this month is that your goal is to not spend a huge amount of time editing each photo. We all lead busy lives and don’t have a ton of time to edit each individual photo that we take with the camera that we always have with us.

Editing Part of the App

Here is a list of all the different styles that you can choose for your photo:

Black & White – I really like the black and white feature in snapseed and believe that this is the best app to get a great black & white photo

Vintage Films – There is something about vintage photos that just seem to give them that something special. Snapseed allows you to really play with the vintage effect that you can give your photos.

Drama – Gives your photos that artsy feel to them and you can make the photo have a really artsy look or a not so artsy look depending on what you are going for.

Grunge – Changes your photo completely and gives your photo a whole new look.

Center Focus – Allows you to focus on your primary subject and blur the surroundings in your photo.

Tilt Shift – Changes the depth of field to your photos and gives them a miniature look to the area of the photo that you choose.

Retrolux – This allows you to add lights, scratches, film styles and many other options to turn your photo retro

Selective Adjust – You can choose a certain area on the photo to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of your photo

Auto Correct – Automatically adjusts your photo to make it look the best that it can.

Tune Image – Gives you the control of brightness, ambiance, contrast, saturation and white balance of your photo

Frames – allows you to add a frame to your photo and there are many different frame options to choose from.

You can also straighten your image, rotate your image and crop your image, for you Instagram, lovers you can get a square crop in this app so that you can upload it directly to Instagram!

All in all this is definitely one of the best photo editing apps. The app is offered on iOS and on android and is a ton of fun to play with. The key to using this app is to remember when you swipe up and down on an image that you are editing you will get choices such as brightness, contrast, saturation, etc….when you pick one of the choices and swipe left and right you will intensify your brightness, contrast or saturation. When editing your photos you will always be swiping up and down and left to right to adjust the effects that you can add to your photos.

As you can see by the two collages the photos look completely different once you have played around in the app. Some of the effects that I used were retro, black and white, vintage and tilt effects. I added a frame to one photo and I cropped them all to be square.

Do you have a favorite photo editing app that you use on a regular basis?

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  1. Matilda Sjödell

    I use iPhoto (the app) and Caption to add text. Really, really basic, but all I have needed so far. Really curious about the one you’ve mentioned in this post though, but working hard to not have to many. So easy to get caught up in editing photos for fun…. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. Beth

      Hi Matilda I use iPhoto as well and I like using Phonto for putting text on a photo. I hope you check out snapseed there are different options then iPhoto.

  2. Claire

    What a great post! I’m always looking for free photo editing apps!

    1. Beth

      Thanks Claire I hope you check it out!

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