App Tuesday-Turbo Collage Lite for Android

It is App Tuesday again and the last Tuesday of the month, boy did April fly by or what?!?!?!?! I know that I usually give you app reviews on everything iPhone but today my good friend Gina is going o give a great review on an Android app that she will be using to get her through Layout A Day. Yesterday I gave you a quick tutorial on the Scrap Pad for the iPad ,which is the app that I will use when I am in a pinch for a LOAD layout. On that note I turn you over to Gina!

Hi everyone! Gina here from Messtaken Identity. I am used to going by geezee but Beth likes me to go by the other one. Anything to please Beth đŸ™‚ I am so excited to be guest posting here at Scrapping Wonders. Beth has honored me by granting me the chance to talk Android on her beloved blog. I am going to be joining her in participating in LOAD in May. The biggest struggle I have had over the months of LOAD participation has been that I ALWAYS have company or travel during the time frame of prompts and deadlines for prizes. Usually, the thrill of getting pages done, is enough for me. I am happy when 10-18 pages are completed. This means that I have done more in a month than any other time throughout the year.

Adroid scrapping page.

During LOAD in February, I had a whole family of guests staying with us for 10 days. I was thrilled and I got a couple of pages done. I even experimented one day in Ko’Olina with Scrapbooking using my phone.

When this layout came together well enough to be submitted for my LOAD layout of the day I thought I might try it again. So during the third week of May, you might see a couple of layouts I make strictly using the apps I currently have installed. I used TurboCollage Lite to make this page.

Turbo Collage LiteI have been happy with the functionality of this app. It gives me the chance to import several pictures at once. A couple of options of frames around the images. It also has the extremely convenient benefit of adding text right onto the page. Admittedly I will be printing these up in 4×6 sizes, but they will make 8 1/2 x 11 pages sufficient. I can choose Landscape or portrait and I can make it look as though it is a Polaroid so easily.

I am including the screenshots they use on their website.







Wish me Luck for LOAD and check out my progress at Messtaken Identity. Let me know in the comments what you think.

Thank you,


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  1. Bonnie Giller

    I will pass this onto my son who has an Android. Might be helpful to him. Thanks.

    1. Beth

      Great I hope he does find it useful Bonnie!

  2. Barry

    This is great information Beth. I am somewhat of a photography hobbyist and was not aware that something like this was available. I will definitely be looking into it.

    1. Beth

      That’s great Barry if you check out my site I have plenty of app reviews can help with those iOS (Apple) devices as well!

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