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wordpress logo It’s that time of the week again where I review an app that I think is just great. Today I am going to switch it up a little bit and share with you an app that I actually use to run my scrapbooking business! As you know I have an iPhone so the majority of my app reviews are based on the iPhone version of the app but I have recently paired up with a wonderful lady who has an Android phone. We are going to  review the iPhone version and the android version. So if you have an iPhone stay right here but if you have an Android then pop on over to Mestaken Identity. 

I use WordPress to run my awesome scrapbooking site. If I did not have the app though I would be lost because the app allows me to access everything directly from my phone or iPad!

The app allows me to access the blogs that I follow which is important so that I can stay connected with my fellow bloggers. Access posts that I have created or create a new post. Access my pages or create a new page. Read my comments, approve a comment or reply to a comment. I can access my stats but I can only access my stats if I have the Jetpack plugin which I highly recommend. I can also view my site or access my dashboard if I need to.

I use this app on a daily basis and I must admit that the majority of the time I take photos with my phone and upload them to the post that I am working on. It makes my life a whole lot easier to be able to upload photos this way! This is my absolute favoirte feature of the app! I can also upload video directly from my phone if I want too!

I almost forgot the under hood stuff which is what I call your settings. You can enable sounds, set up your photo settings for when you upload a photo and you can add as many blogs as you want!

All in all the wordpress app is a life saver for me and I would be lost without it 🙂 So if you are a running a business and you have wordpress then you should have this app!

Do you have any favorite apps that you use on a daily basis?

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  1. Marcia Brown

    Good morning, Beth!

    I am looking forward to the time when I can actually afford an iPhone or an Android. The app sounds wonderful!

    I attended Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas last week on a free VIP pass that was awarded to me by their Pay It Forward program because I submitted an article about my dream day in affiliate marketing. During one of the smaller sessions, the presenter asked how many had smartphones. I was one of the few people in the room that did NOT raise my hand. Boy did I feel sheepish!

    Smartphones are one of the waves of the future, but I just need to be making more money in my business before I can justify getting one. When I make that jump, I will definitely have the WordPress app. My website is actually a WordPress powered site. I really love how it works, so I know I’d love the app when then time comes.

    Thanks for the great review on it!

    Happy Scrapbooking!

    1. Beth

      Hey Marcia, I am so glad that you liked the app review. I am currently obsessed with my iPhone and have been for some time. I use it to run my business, to take great photos, to entertain my little one when we are on long car rides or even short ones and to entertain myself when I get bored which is not often because I find myself so busy all the time. I am wishing you good luck and hope that you are making tons of money soon so that you can get a smartphone and become obsessed with it just like me. 🙂

  2. Alice

    Such a smart idea to partner up with an android user! I didn’t know about this app, and I LOVE my iphone, so I’m definitely interested! Thanks for the useful information!

    1. Beth

      The app really does help me get things done. For instance I am replying to you from my iPad right now because I can’t get on the computer right now 🙂

  3. Maggie Lukowski

    I enjoyed your post; this is such a cool app!! I love your site. – Maggie

    1. Beth

      Hey Maggie, I am glad you enjoyed my post and that you use the app as well I really do use it everyday!!!

  4. I have this ap. It’s amazing. I also have it on my iPad and have used it several times. So nice to be able to access the photo stream.

    1. Beth

      I have it on both as well and I love being able to sit on the couch and do stuff without a computer!

  5. Scott

    I love WordPress on my iPad. I use it to manage my blog, too.

    1. Beth

      I have it on both my iPad and my iPhone. It makes it a lot easier to run my site!

  6. Patricia Selmo

    Wow – love your site and love the information you gave on this app – I will have to check it out on Android!

    1. Beth

      Hi Patricia, I am so glad that you like my site and that the information was useful to you. My friend over at did the review on the same app for android you should check out her review. I will say the app looks completely different from the iPhone app to the android app. I hope you download it and that it makes your life easier!

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