Assembly Line Scrapbooking, Anyone?

The question is it possible for a scrapbooker/crafter to actually complete layouts with an assembly line theory? The answer is….drumroll please!!! YES!! I completed 36 scrapbook pages in 4 hours by using an assembly line theory. I am pleased with how the layouts came out and I have almost completed my 2010 album. This makes me a very happy Scrapper :).

In order to complete this type of scrapbooking you have to already have it in your mind that you are not going to agonize over what paper to use and what embellishments to use on each layout. I was taught this way of scrapbooking by using a Creative Memories Power Palette. This works really well because you don’t have to worry about looking for the papers that you want to use. I used the Reflections Power Palette to help me finish my 2010 album. I had already completed the first 3 months of my 2010 album so I was excited about the idea of completing the album! Completed albums always give me a sense of accomplishment.

I didn’t manage to complete the entire album in my 4 hour crop session of assembly line scrapbooking but I came pretty close. I scrapped all my pictures from April to half of November which turned out to be about 36 pages! Now that is a lot of scrapping in 4 hours. I always get more done when I make it to a crop though but never that many pages. I usually come home with about 12 to 15 pages done when I scrap normally at a crop.

So the way to get it done is fairly simple and it goes a little something like this:

1) Have your pictures printed and organized before you even sit down to crop. I always do this before I scrap anyways because I tend to print tons of pictures and generally a good amount of them don’t even end up in the scrapbook. (I’ll write more about this on another post because that’s a whole another story).

2) The pictures need to be organized in the manner of how you are going to place them. Meaning you know what pictures will be on what page of your album and divided into those stacks of pictures.

3) Choose your paper for each stack of photos. You can have your stacks organized as single layout pages or double layout pages.

4) Place your paper in front of you in the same order as your pictures.

This is a drawing that I made of how the setup should be for assembly line scrapbooking.

5) Choose a sheet of paper and adhere your photos. Now here comes the hard part the only way you are supposed to crop your photos during this process is with your trimmer and a corner rounder if you choose. This means you won’t have any pictures cropped into a shape. You are not supposed to adhere any embellishments at this time either. You are only supposed to adhere your pictures and any journaling boxes that you would like to adhere.

6) Repeat step 5 until all your pictures are adhered to a piece of cardstock or patterned paper.

7) Take your stack of layouts and embellish each page.

8) Take your stack of layouts and journal on each page that you want to journal on.

After that is complete you are done and before you know it you will have a ton of scrapbook pages completed. I must admit this is not for everybody but it did work for me as I generally scrapbook in a simple manner and I don’t have tons of embellishments on my pages. Even the pages that I have labored over tend to be quite simple.

This concept does not have to be completed with a creative memories power palette but I do like the way their power palettes come with everything. You can buy any kit that you like from any company and still use the assembly line concept or you can not use a kit and use the assembly line concept.

I repeat this process is not for everybody but it can help someone who is really backed up on their scrapbooking and would like to get some albums completed. You can also just do the assembly line of getting your photos adhered to the paper and then take your time with the embellishments. I figured I would share the assembly line of scrapbooking and maybe it would help someone.

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  1. Nicole Elston

    I like the idea of power scrapping! However, I would probably be all set up to power scrap and still want to look at paper. I have a real problem picking out paper. Nothing ever fits exactly like the vision in my head. It’s no wonder it takes me long time to complete any book! Nice job on the scrapping pages though that many pages in that time is impressive!

    1. Beth

      That is so funny Nicole, I tend to be like that sometimes but generally I just pick a paper that picks up the colors of my photos well or one that compliments my photos well. I tend to be pretty decisive about my paper but then I agonize over my embellishments. I think that’s why I like to use patterned paper so much because then I don’t have to worry about using a ton of embellishments. I was impressed with myself getting that many pages done though and I will definitely be trying out some power scrapping again!

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