Bazzill Card Swap

Hi All,

It’s Hump Day and I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far. Recently I did my first card swap and let me tell you I really enjoyed it. The card swap that I participated in was for Bazzill and it was done using their line of All Hallows Eve. Oh spooky time here I come! I love Halloween and I love cards so what could be better than participating in a card swap? The deal was to create 10 cards (they could all be the same card) and mail them into Bazzill. Bazzill will then mail you back 10 cards one being one of your original cards. So now I will have tons of Halloween cards to give away this year. I can’t wait to get my cards in the mail. It will be so nice receiving cards as opposed to some bills! Here are the cards that I sent into Bazzill.

I purchased the materials that I needed from Two Peas in a Bucket because I needed the items quickly and they had the best shipping price.

My featured card can be found here on Facebook!

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  1. Marcia Brown

    What a neat Idea! I had heard that sometimes people have card swaps for Christmas or Thanksgiving, but I’d not ever heard anyone doing it for Halloween. Are all your cards 6 X 6? Great job! My favorite is the filled pumpkin.

    1. Beth

      They are all 6×6! I love making cards in 6×6 format! They are my favorite size I have no idea why maybe it’s because I scrapbook in 12×12, 8×8 or 6×6. The pumpkin one was my favorite one as well. I made some other ones that I didn’t send because I wasn’t happy with them.

      1. Marcia Brown

        I usually scrapbook 12 X 12 pages, too. However right now I am working on a 6 X 6 album of pictures of our dogs for my husband. I am trying to set up a new website devoted to scrapbooking and card making, too. I am taking pictures of some of the pages to put on the website. I am having trouble getting the card to look exactly squared on the corners. Sometimes the top side is narrower than the bottom or vice versa. What do you do to keep that from happening?

        1. Beth

          Hi Marcia, it has taken me tons of practice! Have you tried using an easel? I tend not to use an easel with my cards because I like to see them standing up but sometimes it helps for the practice. There are a few other tips that I will email to you once I get to my computer!

          1. Marcia Brown

            Hey, Carol! Thanks for the tip. I look forward to your email! Have a great night!

          2. Marcia Brown

            OOPS! Sorry Beth, I forgot who I was replying to! My bad (as the kids say)!

          3. Beth

            As the kids say No Worries!!! sent you an email already. I have been a worker bee this evening!

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