Birthday Fun!

 crafty goals It’s my Birthday and I have been doing nothing but celebrating birthdays all week between myself and my two babies this week! I figured what better time then now to take a look at the crafty things that I would like to accomplish this year. Last year I accomplished a ton of new things:

  • I found a love for mixed media
  • A passion for bible journaling
  • More crocheting techniques
  • Better photography skills
  • Planner decorating
  • Listing and Midori notebooks
  • Sewing improvements

I was a very busy girl last year and I really enjoyed all of my creative outlets. I took some amazing classes last year through Craftsy that helped me through my crafty journey such as Wilna Furstenberg’s class which I still go back and watch, Product Photography at Home with Jessica Marquez, Stamping and Beyond with Nichol Magouirk and Crafty Crochet Embellishments with Linda Permann. All of these classes were simply amazing as all Craftsy classes are!

I have a few Craftsy classes on my wishlist for this year and I am hoping to become a more skilled mixed media artist this year. I want to bring my mixed media techniques to canvases that I can use the home. I plan on taking:

I have always wanted to learn how to quilt and there is so much more that I can learn about mixed media. Sure there are probably 100s of YouTube videos that I could watch but with the Craftsy courses I get so much more. I can ask the instructor questions, I can watch the courses at any time on any device that I have. The videos always pick up wherever I have left off and the classes always go into further detail then a YouTube video ever could. So for these reasons I think the low price Craftsy classes are well worth it!

This post does contain affiliate links and I will receive a commission if purchases are made through these links but hey it’s my birthday you can always just think of it as a small birthday present to me.

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