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Earlier this year, I sponsored a table at Go Wild. I had never done something like this before but I really wanted to give back to the planner community for all the support and love they have shown me. 

I was very proud of my table and the amazing products that I added to that table. Now I am able to be a part of this amazing sale. 

I have added some awesome new products to the shop as well and you get tiered freebies. 

All orders that are $20 receive a micro notebook and all orders that are $40 receive a free dashboard and let's not forget the cute little sticker that comes with all orders as well!

The sale is ending soon though and you will miss out on all these awesome goodies if you don't act fast. All you have to do is use the code WILDATHEART at checkout to save 20% off your entire order!

All these goodies will be gone on Sunday, August 25th at midnight!

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