Broken Stuff

It’s amazing to me how when something breaks in the house it never fixes easily. It sure does seem to break easily though. My main water line broke and of course I now have a ton of money that have to pay the water company because we were not aware right away that it was broken. Lucky me (note my sense of sarcasm here). The note from the water company is that your meter is running which means you have leak somewhere and it is your responsiblity to fix it (oh how luck am I).

Here we go running around the house looking for a leak and of course we don’t find it right away because there is nothing leaking in the house. Then the next step is to run around the house and look for soggy grass (oh joy). Low and behold we find soggy grass and a broken area in the main line. Of course this has to be fixed and of course something that should be as easy as replacing a small area of piping has turned into a huge project. I will spare you the details! Long story short two days later we were able to fix the problem and have running water back in the house (oh how I missed my running water).

How I managed to get any crafting done at this point is beyond me but I did. I made some pillows instead of scrapbooking don’t ask me why but I was in the mood to make some new pillows. I also managed to make an impromptu birthday card for my daughters teacher! I am looking forward to a weekend without any broken water issues that’s for sure.


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  1. Marcia Brown

    What did you use to cut out the petals for your flower?

        1. Beth

          Glad you liked it I just posted about flowers and some of the other tutorials that I have used to make flowers be sure to check it out!

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