Bucket Travel List, Anybody?

From my previous post you may have heard that I have recently become fascinated with art journaling and mixed media. I purchased this great Dylusions art journal at Michaels with my 40% off coupon and I have really just been playing around with it.

I have also joined the Reset Girls May listers gotta list and have been listing during the month of May, I actually enjoy the prompts and listing out my thoughts. With all this listing I became inspired to create a mixed media page in my art journal about a travel bucket list. Currently I hardly ever travel and to travel out of the country with three kids right now is just something that my family can’t afford but a girl has dreams to see amazing places before she goes!

I have a page in my book that I completely messed up and thought that I could fix it and create a bucket list on this page. I had used one of the new Heidi Swapp screen printing screens but when I had lifted if off my page it had torn the paper. I think that you have to season the screen prints just like a brand new cricut mat by placing your hands all over the sticky side so that it is not quite so sticky and then it won’t tear the page when you left it off but I did not know this at the time.

I painted over my torn messed up screen print and then tried to screen print again. This I did not like, I felt like I lost all creativity after looking at this page and I had no idea what to do.

mixed media travel bucket list
Original plan for my bucket list

After I realized this was horrible I decided to go ahead and change the entire page. I went ahead and grabbed my watercolors, that I just started using as well and attempted to write out a title with a paint brush. I think I need a bigger paint brush then the one I used for my title and will attempt writing with a paint brush again. I see all these beautiful watercolored titles from the pros and thought I could do that (apparently not).

mixed media travel bucket list


I used the circle stamps that came with the Ali Edwards one little word kit and loved the look of my list. I even added a reason to each destination of why I wanted to visit that particular place.

Next I grabbed my old Creative Memories Circle and added watercolored circles all around my page.

Of course just adding watercolored circles was not enough to call this a mixed media journal page, so I grabbed some stencils and my light molding paste and set out to create something. Again I am new to all this and I am just winging it here. On the circles I wrote words that related to traveling, like Adventure, Fun, Living, Life, Love and See. I also added some Gelato circles with my Gelatos and made them a bit bigger with a little water on my finger.

I think molding paste is my new favorite thing, I used it with one of the mini Heidi Swapp ¬†stencils that I have to add some more circles to my page. The whole circle theme started with the circle stamps that I used for the date. Now here is also where the booboo happened the three blue circles at the top I created with some Art Molding paste that I picked up at Michaels and apparently he had some issues. The molding paste was more like a clay then it was a molding paste so my circles look horrible. I haven’t attempted to take them off yet and I am not even sure that I can so I might be stuck with them. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix my booboo I would love for you to share it with me in the comments.

Lastly, I grabbed some acrylic paint and created a little border around my whole page. I used a really pretty blue and purple paint by Liquitex. Acryllic paints are also new to me and I haven’t completely figured them out yet either but I really like the fact that you can add a little water to them and they become a little thinner.

mixed media travel bucket list
The final art journal page

Have you played around with mixed media stuff? Let us know in the comments what your favorite mixed media item is. I think for me it is going to be the molding paste.

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  1. GinaZee

    I love your list and the circles. Yeah you need to come to Hawaii!

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