Child Birthday Invitations

I was up late last night working on invitations for my daughter’s Birthday party on Saturday. She is having her party at a place called Monkey Joes hence the little monkey on the invitation. I had a hard time with these invitations because my cricut and I just couldn’t seem to see eye to eye yesterday.

I bought just the one image from cricut yesterday from the create a critter cartridge. If you didn’t know now you know that you can purchase images individually! Ok this was wonderful but when I placed the image on my mat in the cricut craft room because that’s the only way you can use single images is in the craft room, the image was all one layer. So then I had to do some research and figure out how to separate the image.

You can separate the image into the layers by right clicking on the image on your mat and then clicking on edit group. This will then separate the image into the separate layers. Ok awesome but then I couldn’t figure out how to get the layers on to separate mats in the cricut craft room. So as I sit there scratching my head and trying not to lose my patience and throw everything against the wall, yes I started to get that frustrated! I decided to message a friend of mine, I call her the cricut genius, Cara Miller. Cara knows everything cricut and if you haven’t checked her and her whispers out I suggest you do!

Cara told me to move the layers to different areas on my mat and place the color paper that I needed on my actual mat. After you place the images in the cricut craft room you can simply copy and paste them onto your mat. So I copied and pasted my layers placed them on my cricut mat and then on my actual mat I placed the paper I needed.

I cut my monkey out at 2½ so I made sure my paper was 3×12 and placed the paper on the mat accordingly. I also cut out a tree branch with my cricut at 4.25 inches from the cricut essentials cartridge which already came preloaded with my cricut expression 2. I then used the cricut essentials lettering to cut out the word party and I just adhered everything to a pink piece of cardstock that measured 4.25×5.5 which I made by cutting 8½x11 paper in half and then cutting it in half again.

I stamped the back of the invitation with my inkadinkado stamp and some coco brown memento ink. I then hand wrote everything in. I had to make envelopes because I didn’t have any. I have to say that I don’t mind making envelopes but it does become tedious after a while.

Daughters Birthday Invitations
Daughters Birthday Invitations

Finally my invitation was finished and I could go to bed. So this is what I did Sunday night! How about you did you do any crafting? Do you make your own invitations or do you just go out and buy them?

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  1. Kristie

    I was just thinking about checking out the Cricut Craft Room now that I have most of my crafting equipment in an easier to use location! Thanks for sharing your experience, and I’m glad it know your creation was successfully completed! WooHoo, Beth!

    1. Beth

      It took me forever to get it all figured it out but once I did it worked out well and my daughter thought the invitations were wonderful!!

  2. What a superbly creative idea. I love it. At a time when everyone is sending evite and Facebook comments to invite someone to a party it’s refreshing to see you create these special keepsakes for your daughter. I wish more adults did the same… for kids parties and also adult themed social events. You have truly inspired me!

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much Beatrice when you have little ones and they go to school the only way to get invitations to their friends is to have actual invitations. She was excited about giving them to her friends this morning. I am glad that I inspired you!!!

  3. Liz

    What adorable invitations! I have a friend who would be so excited to get a monkey invitation that her daughter would never see it! So cute!

    1. Beth

      Lol Liz that is funny! We have inside family jokes about monkeys and somehow we have collected monkeys as well! My daughter thought it was hilarious that they were monkey invitations.

  4. Cara Miller

    Ahhh…love them! So glad I could help. hugs, cara

    1. Beth

      You were a huge help Cara thank you so much!!!

  5. Renee Zwirek

    Hey, Beth! These invites turned out awesome! Love the monkey and the tutorial video is so cool. That must have been a super fun party!

    1. Beth

      Hey Renee, Thanks for stopping by! She had so much fun at monkey joes I really like that place! I struggled so much with making that darn monkey I figured somebody else would too so I should share my pain lol.

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