Clustering Eludes Me!

I don’t know about you but because I am simple scrapper I tend to have a hard time with embellishing my layouts and an even harder time creating clusters on my layouts. Yet I continue to purchase stuff that I can embellish with! I have to admit that I sometimes envy the layouts that look like pieces of art but I have come to the conclusion that creating masterpieces will never be my forte!

On that note, I managed to get some scrappy time in this past weekend when the kids had a sleep over at their grandparents house. Now I haven’t scrapped in quite a while, since I got pregnant to be exact. It was really nice though having a Saturday morning in a nice quite house so instead of cleaning I got to scrapping. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think that from now I will try to get some scrapping done on the weekends instead of always trying to catch up on the housework.

Here is one of the layouts that I completed and I think I did OK with clustering but again I still do not create works of art!

clustering fun


After watching this video by Glitter Girl I think I am going to give some of her techniques a try on my next layout. The video is a little long but well worth it.

Do you cluster on your layouts or do you struggle with this? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Gillian

    Yes, I do “cluster” quite a bit. I wonder if I’m drawn to that look because I’m somewhat of a cluttered person. 😉 Seriously, though. I’m constantly fighting little piles of assorted stuff from collecting throughout the house. So it would only make sense that little piles of stuff would also appear on my layouts. What about you? Are you an organized person? I wonder if I’m on to something with my theory…



    1. Beth

      Hi Gillian
      I find that I’m an organized individual to a certain extent. When I’m scrapping though I always make a huge mess. Clustering eludes me because I can never think of what embellishments to use or where to put them. I love the way it looks though 🙂

  2. Renee Robbins

    Clustering opens up so many possibilities. I watched this episode of Glitter Girl as well and found it to be very inspiring. We actually just posted an article discussing how to make 3D scrapbooking simple over at Scrap Owl. I love making layouts pop off the page!!

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