Color Story App Review

color story app reviewIt has been a while since I have shared about an app but honestly I keep my app usuage to a minimum because to many apps means that I will be overwhelmed and that I would never print my photos because I would be playing with to many apps.

I found the Color Story app a while ago and I have been playing and using it ever since. I have a few favorite photo editing apps that I use on a consistent basis and I have just added this app to my arsenal of apps to use. The app is a great photo editing app and one that I have come to love using. I really like the different filters and all the adjustment tools that are available within the app. It makes photo editing a whole lot easier especially when I don’t have to use multiple apps to get the effect that I want for my photo.

Watch my how to of how to use the app and let me know what you think about the app in the comments.

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  1. Blayne

    Hi Beth – The app looks interesting. Do you know if it saves your photo to a good resolution, or does it save a smaller size? Also, have you printed anything? Some apps just destroy your photo for printing purposes, although newer apps have gotten much better. Thanks!

    1. bethie8

      Hi Blayne
      I have printed photos after I have edited them and saved them. The photos that I have printed have printed beautifully, I use a Canon Pixma to print my photos at home and the color on my phone has been true to what I print out. I have actually contacted the app owners to find out about the resolution as I have not checked the image size once I have saved the photos to my computer but I will get back to you with that information. I do believe that the photos are not compressed in any way as they print well.

      1. Maria

        Did you ever get a reply from the app developers regarding compression? I compared original file size to saved file size using many test photos… Saved file size was always significantly smaller (sometimes up to 50% when filters created a lot of contrast and light/white/faded looks). File size compression is definitely happening… but the photos look okay, I think…

        Just want to know if photos look relatively decent when you print on 6″ x 4″ paper, based on your experience. Do the photos look good on larger size i.e. 8″ x 10″?

        I couldn’t find a definitive answer regarding compression (not even on the company’s app website). I landed on this post after a lot of Googling. I even e-mailed the owners but never got a reply.

        Would love to know if you know more about this… Thanks.

        1. Beth

          Hi Maria,
          I am not sure, since I have completed this review I don’t use the app that much anymore. I had some issues with printing the photos as well and mainly use Snapseed and PicTapGo for editing photos. I don’t have any issues with printing photos from these apps.

          1. Maria

            Thanks for the quick reply. I think A Color Story is only good for sharing pics on social media and okay enough for printing on 6″ x 4″ paper (nothing larger). There is a lot of compression. I’ll stick with VSCO A6 filter + Snapseed for adjustment tweaking that VSCO lacks. VSCO file sizes stay nearly the same (very little compression) and filters look natural (although more muted, less brighter). I will miss A Color Story’s fresh popping colors and truly white whites… and easier quicker workflow. Sigh.

            PicTapGo… Hmm, never heard of it, but I’ll check it out. 🙂

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