Copics are Awesome!

Ok I must admit I was always one of the kids that had a coloring book or was attempting to draw something. I had sticker books (you know those books where you put all your pretty stickers!), stamps, markers, crayons, pencils, you get the drift. So it’s no wonder why I love scrapbooking and paper crafting! I was born for this!

So here I am constantly hearing about copic markers everywhere where I turn and I of course am thinking to myself why would I buy these expensive markers? What’s so special about these markers anyways? Then I got lucky, Lain Ehman had a free scrapinar all about Copics with Cara Miller!!! Oh how exciting I am finally going to get a chance to see why these markers are so awesome! So I signed up and watched the scrapinar. Let me just say that’s all it took I was hooked and I knew that I just had to get some Copic Markers.

Now these markers are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but there are ways to get supplies for less. Let me explain, I am not a coupon queen by any stretch of the imagination but I do have an iPhone and I do but her to good use! I have the Michaels and Joann apps and there are always coupons so when I see those 40% off coupons I buy my big-ticket items! There are also some websites that I have found that sell the Copics for less than the retail stores but then you have to pay shipping and I hate paying shipping.

Here are the websites that I have found:

Scrap-Mart  (this company was at Scrapbook Expo in West Palm, FL and I was able to pick up markers for $4.50 a piece!)

Carpediemstore ( I have not purchased from this store because I just found it. They have the markers for $5.24 a piece!)

You can always try the regular places like Amazon and Ebay as well.

I have to say after getting home from the Scrapbook Expo a few weeks ago and finding the time to sit down and play with the markers I fell in love with them. They are so much fun and they bring you back to those days when you were a kid and sat colored with your Crayola crayons!!! Oh the joy I feel when I am just sitting there and coloring. Coloring is so relaxing to me and you get to blend your colors and make pretty pictures. Just a ton of fun.

I highly suggest that if you haven’t played with Copics yet to go check out this scrapinar and then go grab some Copics and have a blast! There are articles out there that prove that coloring is good for you. Here are the links to a couple of articles that I found.

Coloring is the new Meditation

Managing Stress

In watching the scrapinar Cara Miller provides you with a shopping list for buying your first set of Copics. You have to have markers that you can blend with so buying the cases of Copics are not the best option for someone just starting out because they tend not to have the markers you need to blend. I also found another website that has a link to a great newsletter that you can sign up for if you would like to know more about Copics.

Cara Miller can be found here ( I have a shopping list from Cara Miller if you are interested please Email me!)

Michelle Houghton can be found here (I have a shopping list from Michelle Houghton if you are interested please Email me!)

I created shopping lists with check boxes because I need everything organized and I need to know what I have purchased you can find their shopping lists online but they don’t have check boxes!



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  1. Doreen Vasquez

    Copics do sound fun! but yeah they are expensive! Since I don’t make cards I don’t see a reason for me to buy them, but enjoyed your review! Have a good day!

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much for the compliment but you can use copics with your layouts too. Use a stamp color it, cut it out and adhere to your layout!!’

  2. Steffanie S

    I don’t own any of these. I have never been happy with my coloring abilities though! Yours look great!

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much! I love to color always have so I guess that’s why it was an instant love relationship for me!

  3. Kristie is giving away markers every day in October during their Spooktacular Giveaway! Go register to win!

    1. Beth

      I will definitely check that out!!!

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