Crafting with Kids

I have a 4-year-old little girl who is attached to me at all times. I love her with all my heart and the majority of the time I love that she is so into crafting just like her mama. There are times where I wish I could just scrapbook all by myself but generally this does not happen when she is awake. Recently, my Rae, went out with her Nonna and she came home and proudly says to me “mommy I bought you bling”. I should have taken a picture of the bling that she bought me but I completely forgot.

She warms my heart my little girl she is such a thoughtful little human being and is so empathetic to other people. Nonna (my mom) says all the time that my little girl has an old soul. I think she might be right. This post is dedicated to my amazing little girl who is going to end up being a crafter just like her mama!

I think she is going to be a stamper!

We stamped and we glued! First I cut the letters out with my Cricut and let her help me adhere them to the page. I was looking for black cardstock but I ran out so I opted for brown. She wanted big huge letters, hence are big orange letters. Then we added the bling stickers that she bought me and she found some extra bling in my room that she had to have. After a while she got sidetracked and decided that she had to stamp!! She loves to stamp! Hope you enjoyed my post today and Happy Early Halloween!!

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    1. Beth

      Thank you so much Sylver 🙂

  1. Katie

    This is so fun, I love that you and your daughter craft together. My mom and I always crafted together when I was a kid, I loved it! Your daughter is very sweet to buy you bling!

    1. Beth

      I hope that she always remembers these wonderful times that we spend together. She is a sweetie pie and was so excited to share with me!!

    1. Beth

      Thanks Kara, she loves to craft with me.

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