December Daily Bandwagon

Ok, Ok, and Ok

I have decided to jump on the December Daily Bandwagon! I really figured since I have not worked on any photos this year except for Halloween which I did digitally that I might as well start somewhere for 2012.

I am going to do a December Daily album for the first time this year. I am going to use photos that I take with my iPhone and see what happens.

Here is my plan of action:

  1. Use picfolio album from creative memories that I have had sitting in my house for over a year!
  2. Prep picfolio album for use with patterned paper, cricut #’s, copics and whatever other embellishments I can get my hands on!
  3. Create journaling boxes and make sure they are all ready to go and are in the album just waiting for me. This way at the end of every day I can just journal about the day and slip the journal page right back into the album.
  4. Create a folder on Shutterfly just for my December Daily photos.
  5. Print out my photos. I am pretty sure that Shutterfly will have some deals during the month of December for printing photos but I don’t expect there to be so many photos that I can’t just send my photos to be picked up at Target or Walgreens. Which is what I am planning on doing every Sunday!
  6. Keep my fingers crossed and hope that I can keep up with this lovely project.

This is a work in progress but here is what the first page looks like. I plan to add more embellishments and each page will look something like this. Sorry for the glare but his photo was taken late at night and that is the glare from my wonderful Ott Lite.

As you can see the picfolio album pages have three horizontal slots for photos and two vertical slots for photos and then a thin slot that is about 1/2×4. I am thinking that I am going to put the date on the small strip of paper for each page and then one of the horizontal slots will have my embellishments and another slot will be used for a journal box. All my pages have the embellishment slot completed I just have to finish prepping the album with the dates and journal boxes and it will be ready to go!

Here is a great link forĀ December Daily Prompts! that I found over at get it scrapped which a great resource site!

Another great resource for information about putting together a December Daily album is Ali Edwards as she is the one that pioneered the idea for a December daily album.

If you don’t already have a shutterfly account you can sign up for one by clicking on the shutterfly ad on the right side of this post!

P.S. Don’t forget there is still time to sign up for your chance to win the free 8×10 canvas print!

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