December Daily Day 1

Finally December 1st is here and I have completed my first story. I knew this was the story that I was going to tell as soon as it happened on the 30th of November. We currently have a Christmas tree up but it’s not decorated or anything like that.

I had seen this particular tree in the store a few weeks ago and knew that this was the tree for us. Only we didn’t make it back to the store until after Thanksgiving and this tree is now completely sold out, even online! We made the decision to go ahead and purchase the floor sample and I have no regrets! The tree is stunning and I love all the pine cones and the white lights!

Any who, we then came home today and the children decided to lay under the tree, I tried so hard to grab a photo of this but the baby moved a little quicker then I had planned. I’m ok with the photos not being perfect though because the story is told and it looks like their will be two stories about the tree this year, after we decorate it.

What story did you tell for Day 1?

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