December Daily Day 3

december daily day 3Day 3 is here and I am telling stories that I wasn’t planning on telling. Let me explain on Day 1 I didn’t know I was going to find those awesome little Christmas Beanie Babies but once I did I knew that I had to share that story and how excited I was to find them. Day 2 I didn’t have a picture that I wanted to share or a story in mind so I told the story about my love for Christmas music. I have never shared that story in a December Daily before and I can’t for the life of me figure out why considering that I love it so much. Day 3 I was going to the tell the story about the little white Christmas tree that came home with us last weekend but instead I ended up sharing the story about how my mini me decided that she wanted to make something for the album and the baby sitting in the laundry basket with us.

Now let me also share with you that I have been having some technical difficulties this year with my apps and printing and yesterday I was ready to pull my hair out! I decided to create journal cards with the Rhonna Designs app yesterday and I was very happy with my creations but when I added the cards to the collage area in the project life app I ended up losing parts of the cards. I was ok with that but when I printed the cards as a 4×6 photo I lost even more of my cards. This meant that some of my journaling and designs on the cards has gone missing. After hours of fiddling with the printing and trying to fix the issue I just gave up.

Day 3 came along and I figured that this time I wouldn’t make my own cards I would just use the app and Hello December kit in the app to create my journal card. All looked fine in the app but again when I printed I ended up losing a bit of some of the words. At this point I feel that the important thing for me to do is get the story told. For that reason I have decided to leave the card the way it is. You can still understand what I was typing and I am ok with that for right now.

My goal is to get the story told not to have everything perfect which means for now my cards will stay just the way they are. I made a small video so you can see what my album look likes now that I have one and what I have gotten done so far.

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