December Daily days 14-22

I am finally all caught up with my December daily! Last week was rough for me, I got awfully sick with some kind of stomach virus and still had to push through with teaching the last week of school to my middle school students. Need less to say by the time Christmas break rolled around I was beyond ready. Little by little I managed to catch up on my album but that’s all I was able to do because I still wasn’t feeling well which meant that I just didn’t have it in me to document my process.

Today though I managed to catch everything up and made a huge mess in doing so. I also grabbed some items that Ali Edwards has used in her album off of Amazon and let me tell you these items have not disappointed me. I grabbed this really cute alphabet stamp set and I grabbed some transparencies which are looking real nice with some of my Cricut cuts.

Here are a few shots of what the album looks like but the video shows you all of the layouts that I have done including my front cover that is finally finished.

I made a short video walking you through my album starting from the 14-22 and I have added some links to the bottom of the post sharing with you the items that I think are simply amazing that I mentioned above. I hope you are enjoying this project as much as I am.

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