December Daily Foundation

I finished my December Daily Foundation pages sometime ago but I haven’t had a chance to share them with you. My plan is to put everything in my December Daily on a weekly basis. This week has been so hectic for me that I haven’t had a chance to scrap or craft in any way, shape or form. I have been keeping track of my days though and my prompts from the awesome Monica Bradford’s class Your December Inspired!

I have been using Evernote to keep track of notes of things that I want to implement in my December Daily for this week and I have been using PSE to create templates to get my photos printed up. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to attempt to print at home or if I am going to just send my prints to Target.

Any who the whole point of this post was for me to share some of December Daily Foundation pages with you! So here they are:


Days 1-25 of my album I made these cute little tags and used Teresa Collin’s Santa List Brads for the numbers. Some of the tags I have really fallen in love with and others I’m just ok with! It doesn’t have to be perfect I just have to like it! For days 26-31 I created numbers with my Cricut by cutting out ornaments and 3×4 cards with the numbers on them. All in all I am very happy with the setup that I have created and I think my December Daily is going to turn out fantastic!

On Sunday I will share with you my first week of my December Daily album!

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    1. Beth

      Thanks Leslie now if I could only get my actual pages posted so that I could share them with you, I would be good to go!

  1. Leigh Serrie

    This is my second year documenting my December through Epiphany (Jan 6). Last year I did Journal your Christmas with Shimelle in an art journal format. This year I am using pocket pages.

    I would love to pre-prep pages as you do, but wonder do you ever have pictures or stories that do not work with the way you have pre-planned? That is my one worry.

    1. Beth

      Hi Leigh,
      Yes I have had that happen to me before, quite often actually. Sometimes I am able to make the page work and other times I just redo the layout but I still end up saving myself tons of time having it pre-planned. Moving numbers is key for me, meaning that however I choose to do my numbers I make sure that I can move them around. The first year I didn’t do that and ran into problems.

      1. Leigh Serrie

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        That makes sense to me! I think I will try pre planning.

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