December Daily on iPhone

Well we are on Day 6 of December Daily and I have been doing well so far. I have chosen the route of journaling on my phone and picking the pictures that I will use for my December Daily album by using the iPhoto App. I love this app, it has a little bit of a learning curve so I will be doing a  tutorial on it in the near future.

I have set up a December daily Journal and I have been good with adding the pictures at the end of  each day and journaling the memories down. My plan is to print my pictures on Sunday and put them all in my pretty little album that I have all set up. I will print the photos through Shutterfly and pick them up at my local Target. I do this because I can upload the photos straight from my phone to Shutterfly which makes my life easy.

I have some screen shots of what my December daily is looking like so far from my phones perspective! I do have some photos that I have taken with my good camera as well. I’m quite excited about this project as it is my first December daily so I am looking forward to the end to see how it all turns out!

I wanted to share this with you so you could see how easy it is to have all the journaling done for your scrapbooking album. I like to write my journaling by hand in my scrapbooks but if I wanted to I could just print out all the notes and memory notes that I have in the journal and use those as my journaling cards for my album.


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