Digital Scrapbook Day & Some Gratitude

30Days of thankfulEver since Creative Memories has bitten the bullet I have become more interested in digital scrapbooking and mainly with using Photoshop Elements. It just so happened that a few days ago I was reading Cathy Zielske’s blog and saw a sale on a digital template set that is all about 30 days of gratitude. Her templates make it super easy to create a photo album showing what you are grateful for during the month of November. So I went ahead and purchased these wonderful templates by Cathy and I started getting to work last night!

First I had to get all my photos off of my camera which I have not done in quite some time. It is amazing how being pregnant can make you so tired! Any who I downloaded my photos yesterday evening and ordered my free 101 prints from Shutterfly before the deadline. Just a quick FYI if you log into your Shutterfly account or create an account you can receive a credit for a free photobook! Then this morning I decided to download the trial version of Photoshop Elements 12 I do not have Photoshop on my new computer yet and figured this was a good time to try out the new Photoshop Elements.

I have never used the organizer aspect of Photoshop Elements but I must say I really enjoyed how easy it was to upload my photos directly from my iPhone into the computer and have my photos labeled with the dates just the way I like it! My next step was to open up the templates that I purchased from Cathy’s site last week. I really like the simplicity of the templates and how easy it was to create my first day of gratitude page!

Later this week I will share my first days that I have created. If you are interested in purchasing the templates and creating a 30 days of gratitude album with me you can do that here. If you need help with the templates Cathy also created a whole post about how to use the templates which I am so grateful for and you can grab that here!

In honor of Digital Scrapbooking Day the wonderful Lain Ehmann has put together a whole class kit for beginner digital scrappers at a wonderful price. I highly suggest that if you are interested in digital scrapbooking that you check out these great classes by some of the most amazing digital scrappers out there right now like Melissa Shanhun, Renee Pearson and Traci Reed, just to name a few! You can grab the class right HERE, which is available today only!

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