DIY Bundle is Back!

For a very limited time you can access the DIY Ultimate Bundle! This bundle is simply amazing with all the classes that are available. What I liked most about the bundle was the free bonus craftsy class and all the sewing ebooks. Sewing is a hobby that I really want to get good at but I am still a beginner and haven’t mastered my sewing machine as of yet.

By popular demand the DIY Ultimate Bundle has been brought back for two days only and once it’s gone it will really be gone so if I didn’t grab the bundle the first time now is the perfect time for you to grab the bundle and get your craft on. The bundle has everything from sewing to scrapbooking to photography to just plain crafting and so much more and is definitely worth the price of the bundle. To find out more about this awesome DIY bundle all you have to do is click here.

I just finished taking the Kelley Purkey class over at Craftsy (which was awesome by the way) and if you purchase this bundle you can grab her class for free as well as all the awesome bundle goodness. Remember the bundle is only available for a very limited time so make sure you grab it if you want to get your DIY on by clicking HERE.

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