Do Something Nice Day

OK, so its Day 5 of the ultimate blog challenge and its Do Something Nice Day. I was not aware that today was Do Something Nice Day but I am all for it! Here is my Do Something Nice, I found this wonderful lady, Kara Thomas, on LinkedIn a few weeks ago. I read Kara’s post about a website that is designed for women. Kara designed this website to help women sell their crafts and create a community where they could help one another. Kara’s goal is to “help women and therefore she wants the focus of the website to be on providing the sellers with tools and ideas to help women succeed”.

After reading Kara’s post on LinkedIn I was very intrigued and I contacted her. I was expecting to have to wait awhile to get a response but within hours Kara had responded to my email and I became even more intrigued. So I went ahead and checked out Londyn Kate and I started listing my items for sale on the site the next day. I wanted to see what the site was like and how complicated it might be. Come to find out it is a user friendly site and pretty!

My original plan for launching an online store was going to be sometime early next year but after I heard about Londyn Kate I decided to give it a whirl. The site is still in beta testing and won’t be launched until the end of this month. This works for me because it takes time to upload your projects that you would like to sell which is why I decided to try it out now. I have a month of where the site is in beta testing for me to upload all my sale items and get ready for my store to open.

If you were ever interested in selling your craft products online I highly suggest that you check out Londyn Kate and give it a whirl. Any woman who wants to help and support other women gets an A+ from me!

This is the conclusion to post #5 of the ultimate blog challenge, hopefully tonight I can get pictures of my projects that I want to share with you and we can continue our journey of crafting and scrapbooking tutorials!

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  1. Kara Thomas

    Thank you so much Beth! Your support & kind words are much appreciated! Your items look amazing on Londyn Kate and I am excited to follow your success. Thank you for sharing this with other women…it will truly help me achieve my goals and the philosophy of Londyn Kate.

    Much thanks!
    Kara Thomas

    1. Beth

      You are so welcome I look forward to working with Londyn Kate and sharing my journey of my relationship with Londyn Kate.

  2. Dana

    I’ll check it out:-) I’m interested in making jewelry. Xoxo

    1. Beth

      It’s a great site I hope that you like it. Do you already have jewelry made?

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