Easy Sewing Machine Cover

spring pinterest challenge
The real question is can I do it? Can I make a sewing machine cover? This was a huge undertaking for a new sewer like myself! I just had to give it a try so that I could participate in this Pinterest Challenge!

I have tried lots of new things this year and sewing has been one of them. The main reason why I wanted a sewing machine was so that I could stitch on my layouts! Oh how I coveted all those layouts with stitching on them.

Black Friday came around this past year and there was a sewing machine for $50 dollars at Walmart it was like the heavens spoke to me and I just had to have this machine!

I went  and purchased it and before I knew it I was able to take a free scrapinar on how to sew on my layouts, can I say whooohooooo!

I took this awesome scrapinar and I am still working on perfecting this technique but even though I’m far from perfect I absolutely love sewing on my layouts and they will only get better with time!

Now here comes the problem I have mentioned before that I have a dust issue in my house, a big dust issue! So I have been keeping my machine in the box it came in all covered when it wasn’t in use.

This was not working for me every time I wanted to do a quick stitch I would have to take it out of the box and set it up. What a pain in the know what this was becoming.

I searched and found that my favorite sewing guru had a tutorial on making a sewing machine cover! I watched the video and then ran to Joanns to get some fabric! You can check out the video just in case you need to make an easy sewing machine cover yourself! You can also find the pin here

I just purchased a few of the fat quarter fabric pieces because they were on sale for $.99 and I grabbed some of the iron on felt.

pinning the pieces

completed sewing on one side
completed sewing on one side
TaDa it's done the sewing machine cover
TaDa it’s done the sewing machine cover

After all was said and done I figured I would create a scrapbook layout about my triumphant sewing machine cover and new area that I get so that I always have access to my sewing machine! I made this cute layout with the Scrap Pad app on my iPad!

sewing machine layout

I really enjoy this app especially during LOAD becuase it’s just a quick and easy way for me to get scrapbooking done and not make a huge mess in my scrapping area. It was also the perfect way for me to document this project because I had all the photos on my iPhone! What do you think of the Scrap Pad app after seeing my layout? Would you give it a try?

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  1. Cara Miller

    Oh I love this! And I love the layout too. You have been busy!

    1. Beth

      I have been a busy girl Cara but that scrap pad app makes it real easy to get a layout done

  2. Kristie

    Great idea for a sewing machine cover! It turned out great!

    1. Beth

      Thanks so much Kristie!

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