Don't Forget Your Stories...Even The Simple Ones

Don't Forget Your Stories...Even The Simple Ones

One of my absolute favorite things about travelers notebook inserts is that they are perfect for documenting the small stories. You don't always have to have a large space to document a story.

I want to share with you my awe of the frost that we get here. Even almost 3 years later of living in NC I am stall enthralled by the magic of snow and the frost that collects on the windows of our cars. 

I take a photo of the frost on the cars at least once a winter and sometimes more because I just think that it is stunning.

For this spread, I applied clear gesso on my pages, I used the Prima Clear Gesso because it is my favorite for clear gesso. The Prima Gesso doesn't have any grit to it and is nice and smooth, which is my preferred background to work on. You can find the Gesso HERE.

The reason for applying the gesso is so that the sprays that I am going to use for my background don't sink into the mixed media paper. Once the gesso was applied I used some Golden Regular Gel and ran it through a stencil. The reason for the Golden Gel is because it will create a resist to the sprays and the design will really stand out. You can find the Golden Gel that I use HERE. 

I dried everything with my heat gun and grabbed three sprays that I have in my stock Distress Oxide Speckled Egg, Lindys Gang Starburst and Lindys Gang Mad Hatter Mint. I spayed all of them and then sprayed some water using my Distress Spray water bottle. This created a beautiful effect of all the colors mixing together. 

Once that was done I cut down my photo to about 3x3 and added a piece of paper behind the photo, I then added a doily and a tag to the back of the photo as well. I had a geotag wood veneer in my stash and I used my label make to print out the word home. I have the Brother Label Maker that you can find HERE, I use this label maker all over the house! I did a bit of journaling and the tag and my little story about the frost is complete. 

The whole spread took me about 20 minutes to complete and now my love of the Frost has been documented. I hope that you will give something like this a try in your own mixed media travelers notebook, which you can find in the shop by clicking HERE.

Telling your stories and documenting your memories is a great way to remember the little and big things that happen in your life!

mixed media travelers notebook insert memory keeping spread

memory keeping in a travelers notebook insert

scrapbooking in a mixed media travelers notebook insert - midori refill

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