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Let's Talk Sizes

Travelers notebook inserts come in so many sizes. I currently offer 8 sizes in the shop and that means that you have a lot of options to choose from. All the size options can be confusing though so let's talk about them. Also keep in mind that each shop and each maker may have their own dimensions. 

A5- is the largest of the notebooks coming in at 5.8x8.25 and when you are thinking about this size it is really easy to think of the size being the same as 6x8 photograph. 

Cahier or Wide - is a great size measuring 5x8.25. This is a great size and when the notebook is open you have a whole 10 inches to work with!

Standard - is the most common size and one of my favorites. The size is 4.25x8.25 and can be found in many retail shops but the ones in the shop aren't hand-stitched like the ones at Rock Your Notebook which means that you can fill your notebook up with journaling, ephemera, stickers and photos and your pages won't fall out!

B6 - is a wonderful size and is 5x7. This is a great size for an everyday carry notebook and you still get a whole 10 inches when the book is open. When thinking about the B6 size it is also helpful to think of it as the same size as a 5x7 photo.

B6 Slim- is one of my favorite sizes! The size is 4.25x7 so it is almost like standard and B6 fell in love and had a baby LOL. This is a great portable size and is my favorite size for journaling or morning pages!

A6 - This is a cute size that is 4.1x5.8 so it is almost the same size as a 4x6 photo and wonderful for carrying around with you or documenting your day.

Pocket - Is another smaller size. 3.5x5.5 is also the same size as the very popular field note notebooks. This is a great size for carrying around with you and making shopping lists that you can keep in your back pocket, literally.

Passport - is a very tiny size and is 3.5x4.8. This notebook is a tad smaller then Pocket and is a great size to carry around with for jotting down quick notes. 

There you have it a break down of all the sizes that are available in the shop. I also offer the ability for you to request any custom size notebook that you may need all you have to is make a request when you checkout or send me an email!

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