A Guide to the Paper Options

A Guide to the Paper Options

With so many paper choices in the shop it can be a bit confusing about what will work best for your needs. All paper is not created equal either and if you are a paper snob at all like me then it is good to know what type of paper is inside your notebooks. 

I have a little bit of a breakdown here for you about the different paper options that are available in the shop. Let's start with what is available for Art Journaling

Art Journaling Paper:

The mixed media paper insert is made with Canson mixed media paper and can withstand quite a bit. I have put this insert to the test and so has Jenn Engle from Mixed Media Jenn. You can see her review video here and you can see one of my art journal process videos here.

The Tomoe River paper insert is made with Tomoe River paper which is simply amazing paper and super thin. The paper does not have any bleed through and can be used with mixed media products as well. I have some art journal process videos on my YouTube channel using the Tomoe River paper. The Tomoe paper offered in the shop is 52gsm but I am happy to take custom orders for the 68 gsm Tomoe River paper which is truly made for art journaling. 

The cold watercolor insert is 140lb watercolor paper as well as the hot press watercolor paper. Both of these watercolor paper notebooks are wonderful for taking around with you and your watercolors on a trip. You can see the comparison video here. 

Drawing paper is the perfect paper to choose for those that want to sketch it all out. I also use this paper for the majority of my daughter's traveler’s notebooks because she loves to draw and it erases easily. 

The black mixed media insert is made with black mixed media paper that is 104 pound paper and is amazing! This paper is made for mixed media and doesn't even need to be prepped with gesso in order to use it. 

The Scrapbooking Paper:

The vellum bristol paper insert is lovely because it has a bit of texture on it and does not have any bleed through. The paper is bright white and is a really nice cardstock. This paper is perfect for creating scrapbooking layouts on or collaging on. 

Last but not least the plain white insert is made with 110lb bright white cardstock and is perfect for your scrapbooking needs. This insert is like having a mini scrapbook album because it is cardstock that can handle all of your photos and scrapbook products. 

The Fountain Pen Paper:

Tomoe River is also in this category because of its amazing smoothness and its ability to handle all fountain pens without bleed through or ghosting. 

Rhodia Paper is Clairfontaine paper that is 90gsm and is available in a dot grid or graph. This paper handles all fountain pens, watercolors and wonderfully smooth to write on. 

32lb premium paper is a wonderfully smooth paper that also handles fountain pens and watercolors and is absolutely lovely to write on. All printed inserts are printed on this paper. 

Cotton Paper is 24lb thin paper that handles all fountain pens and is a joy to write on and can handle watercolors as well.  

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