One Little Word 2019

One Little Word 2019

2019 is here and each year I pick a word to live by. This year I have chosen the word Balance and I think it is absoultely perfect for me and where I am in my life right now. 

Last year my word was Faith and I definitely took a huge leap of Faith by running the business full time and not working outside of the house. I am so thankful that the business was successful and that I can keep creating and working at the same time. 

With that though came a ton of burn out last year and I do not want to repeat that this year. This year as I grow the business I want to also be mindful of my life. I have chosen this path in my life so that I can be more present with my children and my honey. 

I spent a ton of time working last year and not enough time enjoying my children and this is why I have chosen the word Balance. Not only did I not spend enough time with my children but I always felt guilty when I was doing something for myself, such as working out or reading a book or being creative. 

Balance is just key for me this year as I need to get healthy, I need to make money and I need to spend time with my children! I have actually signed up for Ali Edwards class again this year because I notice that when I take the class I bring my word of the year to focus as opposed to just working on bringing my word into focus myself. You can check out Ali Edwards and her class by clicking here.

I will be working on my OLW in a B6 sized travelers notebook insert this year and I have already decked it all out. You can see a walkthrough of it below! I decided to use mixed media paper for this insert so that I can get as creative as I want. 

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