5 reasons why travelers notebook dashboards are useful

5 Reasons Why Travelers Notebook Dashboards Are Useful

I am sure if you are in the world of Travelers Notebooks then at some point you have heard the word dashboard. Dashboards generally come in two different styles, vinyl and laminated. At Rock Your Notebook you are going to find the laminated pocket dashboards. 

The pocket dashboards can be used for many different things and I am going to share with you 5 different ways they come in handy! 

1. Decoration - the pockets can be filled with your favorite scrapbook paper and just purely be used for decoration and be viewed as a place that makes you happy when you look at it. 

2. Protection - if you are water coloring or adding any color to the outside of your notebooks then the dashboard is the perfect item to add to your travelers notebook cover because it will protect the inside of your cover from the mediums rubbing off on your leather or whatever material your travelers notebook cover is made from. 

3. Vision Board - I created a lovely vision board and slipped it into the pocket of my dashboard and I absolutely love it. My smaller vision board keeps me focused and my eye on the prize of what I want out of this year and the life that I want to create for myself. In addition I am in my travelers notebook everyday so this is a nice little reminder for me. You can see how created this by checking out this video.

4. Memory Keeping - alright so regardless of the size that you prefer you can always keep some photos with you of your favorite people. Plus it's really nice to be able to open your travelers notebook cover and see those beautiful faces of your most favorite people. Pocket Dashboards makes it really easy for you to add mini scrapbook/memory keeping layouts into the pockets and change the photos out whenever you want. 

5. Post It Note Keeper - yes you read that right these plastic dashboards are the perfect place to keep your post it note reminders. Sometimes when you stick a post it note to the outside of your notebook it can make your notebook all sticky and yucky, especially if you are using the extra sticky post it notes or the ones from the dollar tree. Yes, this answer is coming from experience....I have made a notebook yucky in the past by using an extra sticky post it note. To avoid all that just stick them on your dashboards and a wipe with a baby wipe will take that stickiness right off if it happens. 

So there you have it, 5 ways that dashboards come in handy. You can grab these dashboards in the shop and be on your way to the perfect setup for your travelers notebooks. 

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