Update From Beth

Update From Beth

An explanation to my customers: 

Rock Your Notebook has been open since 2017 and the business has seen some ups and downs. Half way through 2022 it became clear that I had to find a full-time job. I decided to switch careers and go into the tech world and threw myself into studying to acquire certifications for my new career. 

There were other family and life issues that were occuring as well and I fell into a deep depression. All this combined with the heartbreak of knowing that my business could not financially sustain me anymore left me feeling a little lost. 

Fast forward to 2023 and I finally managed to land a great job at the Biltmore here in Asheville in the marketing department and my tech certifications paid off. Learning to work for someone else again has been adjustment not only for me but also for my family. 

These are not excuses about how poorly I handled Rock Your Notebook during this time. I apologize to the customers that had to wait extremely long shipping times and to the customers that I had to cancel their orders. I finally feel up to creating a shipping schedule for Rock Your Notebook that will work for me and have figured out a way to get orders out in a timely manner. The shipping method will be that orders that occur during the week will ship out on the following Monday. I will only have the time to work on orders on Saturdays now. 

I hope this explanation provides you with a bit of understanding of what happened to Rock Your Notebook and where I am today. 

Now onto the Common Place notebook train. I have been researching common place notebooks and I feel that us, the people that have a love for travelers notebooks pretty much already do this. We have notebooks as planners, journals, brain dumps, memory keeping and artistic pleasures. 

A common place notebook is one notebook where you keep your thoughts and finds on the topics that you find interesting to you and write those things down. This is nothing new for us except we generally do ours in multiple notebooks. 

I think utilizing the travelers notebook system as a place for your common place notebook is a fantastic idea. In conducting more research I have determined that for someone like me that has several interests having a notebook for just one particular interest might work better. 

For example, I have fallen in love with sewing and have been sewing consistently for the last 4 years now. I have found other areas of sewing such as hand stitching, apparel sewing, handbag making and quilting to currently be my obsessions. For this topic having one notebook that holds information about online stores, the different types of techniques, youtube channels that I learn from and so much more to go in one notebook by itself make it easier for me to find the information that I need. 

Tell me, do you use common place notebooks? If you need a new notebook to keep all your information in you can grab one in the shop by clicking here

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