Fancy Schmancy Organization!

I did it! I finally did it! I organized my project life cards by color. It only took me a little while once I got going plus I had some minions help me along the way. Let’s be honest having minions work for you really is the best way to go about this project!

Minions hard at work!
Minions hard at work!

I had a hard time at first figuring out how I wanted to organize my cards. I knew that I wanted to organize them by color but then as I was organizing them I realized that this whole journal thing was going to be a problem for me. I decided to organize by color and by journal cards that way I would have an easier time picking out what I was looking for. I also added a tab for my cards that have flowers, my cards that had multiple colors, my cards that had calendars and my cards that have cameras because I love the camera thing right now and i wanted to be able to find the cameras quickly and easily.

I created my tab dividers with my trusty Cricut. When I first made the dividers I realized that my dividers were skinnier then the 3×4 cards and I thought that this would drive my OCD self crazy but after all is said I done I actually like them this way because I can move them side to side which makes them a little easier to read.

I used the medium case from Close To My Heart to put my cards in and I am shocked at how many you can actually get in here. I have six project life kits in this one little box. I can assure you that I will be using my cards from now on as I can actually find them and get to them.

When I organized them I organized them by kit as well so I pretty much know which kit is which. This was the only way my OCD self was going to be OK with making this change.

Here is my final product all done and waiting for me to get my scrappy little hands on!

All organized by color
All organized by color

Just a reminder that this case is going up in price come August 1st and instead of $16.95 it is going to be $19.95 so for you thrifty shoppers out there I would say grab it while you can at the lower price as you won’t regret it! This case also fits 4×6 cards as the dividers slip right out. I haven’t managed to organize my 4×6 cards yet but that is next on my list!

I also wanted to share with you the Cricut cut files for the tab dividers that I used. I used the Cricut file that I made with my art philosophy cartridge but if you don’t have that cartridge you won’t be able to cut the dividers. I thought about this though and went ahead and also made a cut file with using the cricut craft room basics cartridge which everyone has access to. This cut file is different because I didn’t have the same shapes to work with but it gets the job done. I say download them both!

To Get the Cricut Cutting Files all you have to do is click HERE



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  1. Tina C.

    What a wonderful idea 🙂 I think I’ll be doing mine this way very soon so thank you for sharing it with us

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